7 Clinics | Buck Brannaman

7 Clinics | Buck Brannaman

The 7 CLINICS with Buck Brannaman project features over 10 hours of incredible, never-before-seen footage from the making of the award-winning feature film documentary BUCK — the story of one man's quest to help horses with "people problems" lauded by critics and audiences alike. 7 CLINICS allows riders, trainers, and horse lovers everywhere to travel with Buck from coast to coast while learning his techniques and absorbing countless words of wisdom along the way.

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7 Clinics | Buck Brannaman
  • Backing Circles | Colt

    Buck has students back their horses in circles on the ground with lightness.

  • Groundwork | Arabian

    Buck does groundwork with an Arabian horse and the change within 10 minutes is phenomenal.

  • Proper Backing

    Buck explains proper backing techniques both from a distance and up close during groundwork. He also gives the students ideas to try when they run into resistance.

  • Backing With Flexion

    Buck commentates as a clinic participant works to get her horse to back up with flexion during groundwork.

  • Backing Techniques

    Buck instructs to first offer lightness, and go back to lightness when the horse responds.

  • Backing From A Distance

    Buck works with a colt at backing from a distance while respecting the human's personal space and paying attention.

  • The Value Of Backing

    Betty Staley explains the Dressage concept that backing is detrimental to the horse’s forward mindset, and then describes why backing is so valuable.

  • Backing A Resistant Horse

    Bucks gets firm with a clinic horse to help him soften while backing during groundwork. See the horse quickly improve as Buck describes the process.

  • Buck On Firming Up

    Buck explains the reasoning and wisdom of getting firm with a horse when necessary.

  • Flag vs Whip

    Buck talks about the difference between a flag and a whip and explains purpose of each one.

  • Flagging With Feel

    Students work on flagging their horses during groundwork while Buck teaches and corrects.

  • Groundwork | Anxious Horse

    Buck works with a horse that is anxious about doing groundwork with a flag.

  • Groundwork | Colt

    Buck incorporates a flag during a groundwork session with a young horse.

  • Over Desensitizing

    Over desensitizing pitfalls

  • Respecting Space

    Buck teaches the pitfall of the human yielding to the horse instead of the horse yielding to the human. He also talks about the importance of watching the whole horse, and not just one part of the horse.

  • Moving Front & Hind | Flag

    Buck demonstrates the technique for using a flag to control your horse's front end and hind end.

  • Responsive vs Afraid

    Buck demonstrates the difference between a horse being responsive to a flag vs afraid of a flag as he uses the flag to guide his horse under saddle.

  • Half Circle Demo

    Buck demonstrates walking down the arena while having the horse yield the front and hind.

  • Half Circle Exercise Continued

    Buck points out the student’s mistakes doing the half circle exercise. Then Buck works with a student’s horse to work out the hard spots before he allows the student to work with his own personal horse.

  • Half Circle Follow Up

    Buck helps students having trouble with the half circle exercise.

  • Half Circle Recap

    Watch as clinic students progress in the half circle exercise under Buck’s watchful instruction.

  • Buck Defines Pressure

    An interview with Buck sharing his thoughts about how to keep a horse from being confused and overwhelmed. He defines the release of pressure and how you adjust pressure to fit the horse.

  • Riding Positions

    Buck explains the 3 different riding postions

  • Rider Foot Position

    Buck describes how to position your feet properly to secure your seat and wrap your legs around your horse.