Breaking Wild

Breaking Wild

10 Episodes

In the pristine wilderness of the Nemiah Valley, roams an elusive and majestic herd of wild horses who have thrived there for centuries. A recent spike in their population is pitting horse against horse in a bitter fight for survival. Together with an elite team of cowboys, the Xeni Gwet’in First Nation is taking on the challenge of restoring the population to sustainable levels, executing an ambitious plan to capture and train some of Nemiah’s best prospects to be either shipped abroad or put to work right in the Valley. Bringing in these majestic creatures is no easy task. They are among the smartest, strongest and rarest horses on the planet. Every chase is a high-octane adventure – the ultimate test of a rider’s skills and determination. It’s a wild ride that demands limitless courage, nerves of steel and a love of the chase.

Breaking Wild
  • Episode 1 | The Chase Is On!

    Episode 1

    The season is off to a rocky start when the Valley is covered by a slick sheet of ice, threatening to derail the year’s first chase.

  • Episode 2 | Nerves of Steel

    Episode 2

    The chase team pursues a group of studs through the treacherous terrain on Bald Mountain. But moving them from the catch pen to the training grounds is an entirely different kind of challenge.

  • Episode 3 | White Lightning

    Episode 3

    A friendly competition becomes a must-win race. Hawk’s obsession with an extraordinary group of horses pushes a champion cowboy to the limit and send the team on a mission to save an orphaned colt.

  • Episode 4 | Elvis Has Left the Building

    Episode 4

    The riders brave treacherous terrain in pursuit of an infamous wild stud. The rescued foal creates havoc on the ranch. Hawk and Emery make a grizzly discovery.

  • Episode 5 | Young Guns

    Episode 5

    A grueling chase drives a wedge between veterans – so the next generation takes charge of the game. Hawk and Emery make a perilous journey to find a new home for a troubled horse.

  • Episode 6 | Now We’ve Got Problems

    Episode 6

    The cowboys race to deliver on a promise, while Hawk goes toe-to-toe with an orphaned loner looking for a fight. And a rookie mistake puts a rescue mission in peril.

  • Episode 7 | Initiation Day

    Episode 7

    The team looks to tame a thousand-pound rebel named Blackjack. One Xeni Gwet’in rider pulls out all the stops to join the Valley’s biggest event of the year. A cattle wrangler gets a heart-stopping introduction to chasing wild horses.

  • Episode 8 | William’s Lake Stampede

    Episode 8

    The best of the best take on a death-defying race in their quest to be crowned this year’s champion. A necessary medical intervention becomes a test of wills.

  • Episode 9 | Out Of Your League

    Episode 9

    The Nemiah Valley cowboys are pushed to their limits by summer’s strong and fast wild Qayus. Hard lessons are learned in the dangerous job of saddle-breaking a wild horse.

  • Episode 10 | King of The Hill

    Episode 10

    Top Xeni Gwet’in riders compete in a heart-stopping race down a mountain in a quest to be named the best of the best. The chase team puts their new corral to the test in the final chase of the year.