Examples of how and why to desensitize your horse.

  • Basic Desensitizing

    Take your horse through the very first steps of desensitizing. This is a gradual process that build your horse's confidence.

  • Desensitizing A Mule

    After you feel like you've gotten decent control of your mule in the halter and on the lead rope, you can start to work on a little more desensitization. The spots that Ty likes to really focus on are their legs and blind spots.

  • Desensitizing To Lead Rope

    22 Foot leadline is attached to the halter for leading.

  • Building Bravery

    A correct approach can build bravery into your horse.

  • Tarps

    Buck uses a tarp to desensitize a horse to its noise and feel. He then encourages the horse to walk across the tarp with confidence.

  • The Touchy Horse

    Buck works with a touchy horse and shows how to build confidence.