Helping Hooves

Helping Hooves

3 Episodes

Helping Hooves is an exclusive Horse.TV series featuring horses in the workplace. You'll discover how horses, both big and small, play a huge part in the success of businesses, the military, the police force, and much more.

Helping Hooves
  • Mini Therapy Horses

    Episode 1

    The crew heads to Lancaster county Pennsylvania and visits Meadowind Farm to discover the training that's required for mini horses to become therapy animals.

  • The Caisson Platoon

    Episode 2

    It is one of the most moving and memorable scenes at Arlington National Cemetery. A flag draped casket aboard an ammunition wagon pulled by 6 horses. Where does that tradition come from? Who are the sharp dressed military men? And why do those horses behave so well? Saddle up as Horse.TV goes ins...

  • Philadelphia Mounted Patrol

    Episode 3

    Horse.TV takes you behind the police lines to see Philly's finest in action and discovers how the horses are selected, how they're trained, what they do, and how they're cared for.