Sunny's First Ride

Sunny's First Ride

Noah teaches how to start a brand new colt from haltering all the way up to the very first ride.

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Sunny's First Ride
  • Basic Approach & Retreat

    Learn how to effectively communicate with your horse by adding (approach) and removing (retreat) pressure at the RIGHT time.

  • Haltering

    Discover how to halter a horse that does not want to be caught. Instead of chasing your horse, teach your horse that facing you and being still white you halter is the best pace for him to be.

  • Brushing

    Don’t take Brushing for granted. Use this opportunity to connect with your horse in a meaningful and significant way.

  • Backing Up/Groundwork

    Teaching your horse to back up shouldn’t involve excessive hitting and whacking on your horse. Learn how to ask your horse to back up in a way that makes sense to your pony.

  • Tipping The Nose

    Learn how to teach your horse how to incline their nose towards you and not away from you. This is the very beginning of building a deep connection and bond with your horse.

  • Basic Desensitizing

    Take your horse through the very first steps of desensitizing. This is a gradual process that build your horse's confidence.

  • Moving The Shoulder

    Being able to effectively move your horse's shoulder is foundational to cultivating a soft and willing horse. Learn step by step how to do this without having to whack and beat on your horse for results.

  • Moving The Hind Quarter

    The movement and control of the hindquarter is the engine that drives your entire horse. Learn how to effectively and clearly communicate with your horse about placing the hindquarters exactly where you want them at any time.

  • Sending

    Traditional lunging requires driving your horse in mindless circles until they tire out. Sending is about directing your horse’s feet with energy and purpose, all while preparing them to learn how to move out and slow down when you start your mounted work.

  • Bending

    Teaching the bend is an important step to developing your horse’s softness.

  • Flexing

    Learn how to “flex” your horse to further develop, softness and suppleness.

  • Flagging

    Don’t just mindlessly shake a flag at your horse for the sake of shaking it. Learn how to use the flag as a tool to effectively communicate with your horse that they have nothing to fear and that you will never hurt them.

  • Desensitizing With Ribbon

    Learn how to desensitize with a ribbon in order to build your horse’s confidence and prepare them for that first ride.

  • Desensitizing To Girth Pressure

    Learn how desensitize your horse to the pressure of being saddled before actually putting on the saddle for the first time. By taking this extra step, you and your horse will be much more likely to have a positive experience with their first saddling.

  • First Steps Under Saddle

    Watch Noah direct and encourage Sunny and gradually build his confidence with moving out while saddled.

  • Desensitizing While Tapping Saddle

    Don’t take any chances when preparing to mount your horse for the first time. Watch as Noah takes as little extra time to do additional desensitizing while his horse is saddled up.

  • Desensitizing By Whipping Saddle

    Watch as Noah teaches you yet another creative and effective method to desensitize your horse after their first saddling.

  • Flagging While Saddled

    Because of the extra pressure from the saddle, A newly saddled horse acts differently from when they are not wearing a saddle. Don’t take anything for granted with going back through the desensitizing in order to set you and your horse up for a good ride.

  • Flagging While Saddled In Motion

    Don’t just flag your saddled horse while he’s standing still. Learn how to push your horse out and get his feet moving while he’s dealing with the energy you are throwing at him. Watch as Noah teaches Sunny that he has nothing to worry about, that he can move out freely and that there is no need ...

  • Desensitizing To Stirrups

    Because he wants you to have the safest first ride possible, Noah thinks of just about everything. Watch as Noah teaches his horse that flapping stirrups doesn’t mean to bolt or run sideways. Instead of overreacting, he teaches his horse to relax and accept the flapping stirrups.

  • Desensitizing To Stirrup W Motion

    Going the extra step of having your horse become used to pressure while moving makes a huge difference in the quality of the first ride. Watch as Noah teaches you that inviting the extra time and not skipping steps will have huge payoffs.

  • Desensitizing While In Motion

    Watch as Noah goes over his final desensitizing steps that he wants you to do in order to ensure the safest possible first ride with your horse. Noah leaves no stone unturned when it comes to preparing his horse to set him up for the very best first ride.

  • Establishing Forward From The Ground

    Learn how Noah first teaches his horse the “go forward cue” from the ground. This helps to build your horse’s confidence so that they at least have an idea of what you are asking when you climb up for the first time and ask your pony to move forward.

  • Climbing Into The Saddle

    See how Noah makes a process of climbing up on Sunny for the very first time. He takes his time and moves step by step, building Sunny’s confidence each step of the way.