Taming A Wild Mustang

Taming A Wild Mustang

Mustang Maddy shows her technique to tame and gentle a wild mustang.

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Taming A Wild Mustang
  • Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary

    The Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary has so much to offer to visitors. When you visit, you can take a ride on a small ATV tour through the wild horses or go on a large group tour. The WRWHS also offers horseback riding and lots of training demonstrations that you can watch. If you don't have a wil...

  • Facing Up

    To start the mare's training, the first session will focus on using the facing up with the approach and retreat method.

  • Building Draw | Hindquarters

    For the second session on day 1, Mustang Maddy will be working on building draw through the hindquarters.

  • First Touches | Aggression

    During this session, Mustang Maddy will be working towards first touches and troubleshooting aggression.

  • First Touches

    In this session, Mustang Maddy will be working on the first touches again. For this exercise, the end of a lunge whip will be used.

  • First Touches Continued

    Mustang Maddy continues to work on the first touches with the mare in this next session. As she progresses, you will notice the mare starting to relax more.

  • Whips | Roundpenning

    In this next session, Mustang Maddy will be refining her draw using 2 whips. This will help shape her leading skills. She will also be working on roundpenning basics.

  • First Touches | Whips

    In this session, Mustang Maddy will be alternating between getting her to draw forward with the 2 whips and working on more touching.

  • Advancing Touch

    This is day 2. To start this session off, Mustang Maddy works on cantering transitions and then moves on to advancing touch.

  • Whip Desensitization

    In this session, Mustang Maddy will be continuing to build the draw with 2 whips, and then start working on whip desensitization.

  • Head Down

    Now that she is doing better with touch, Mustang Maddy is going to start expanding touch up around her poll/head area. The goal is to ask her to give to the pressure when touching her poll.

  • Lateral Flexion

    During this session, Mustang Maddy is going to introduce lateral flexion by getting the mustang to make movements from side to side.

  • First Haltering

    In this session, Mustang Maddy is going to go over head lowering and lateral flexion. Then, she is going to introduce the halter.

  • Head Down | Lateral Flexion

    With the halter on the mustang, Mustang Maddy is going to go over the head lowering and lateral flexion they have done with her so far.

  • Backing Up | Hindquarter Yield

    The last session of day 2 will be working on the hindquarter yield and backing up. Mustang Maddy will be using 2 whips instead of the halter.

  • Groundwork Review

    Day 3 begins with reviewing touch, desensitizing, haltering, lateral fexion, head down, hindquarter yield. Preparing for leading.

  • Hindquarter Yield | Neck Rope

    Introducing the neck rope using hindquarter yield.

  • Leading | Neck Rope

    Using body and whip cues to lead forward with neck rope.

  • Halter Leading | Left Side

    This session progresses to leading using the halter with a neck rope to support the cue.

  • Halter Leading | Right Side

    A continuation of teaching to yield to halter pressure.

  • Back-up In The Halter

    Backing up in the halter without losing the draw already established.

  • Touching Front Legs

    How to get the horse okay with having her front legs touched in preparation for picking up the feet.

  • Picking Up Front Feet

    Day 3 concludes with picking up the front feet.

  • Desensitizing To Lead Rope

    22 Foot leadline is attached to the halter for leading.