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They Need To Know The Answer

The Principles Of Training • 22m

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  • Application Of Your Aids

    Otherwise known as order of cues, this principle is very important in teaching a horse how to respond to subtlety. This is about teaching your horse something as opposed to just getting them to do something. If you are ever in doubt about the application of aids, just think about how a horse woul...

  • Anticipation

    Everything your horse learns that is good is due to anticipation. Everything your horse learns that is not so good, is due to anticipation. Warwick will show you how to use Anticipation to your advantage and how you can solve problems if you’ve inadvertently taught your horse to do something that...

  • Isolate, Separate, Recombine

    Anytime you are asking a horse to do two or more things at once they need to know them perfectly well separately. When you put them together and it is not working you need to mentally isolate the one that is not working, separate it and correct the issue before recombining them.