Groundwork sessions with various trainers.

  • Handling The Feet

    Session with a horse that did not want his feet handled.

  • Scared Horse

    How to help a scared horse.

  • Introducing A Snaffle Bit

    Once your mule does pretty decent ground driving with a halter, go ahead and put him in a snaffle bit. Ty has done a few things to prepare the mule to take the bit, but he still has some resistance to it. Ty demonstrates a few tips and exercises you can use to help your mule/horse to accept a sna...

  • Desensitizing A Mule

    After you feel like you've gotten decent control of your mule in the halter and on the lead rope, you can start to work on a little more desensitization. The spots that Ty likes to really focus on are their legs and blind spots.

  • Ground Driving A Mule

    Now it's time to start ground driving. Make sure you have enough rope to put some decent distance between you and the mule. Ty will start off this exercise with a halter, and then he will work his way to using a snaffle bit.

  • Groundwork With A Mule

    In this video, Ty Evans will be showing you everything he does on the ground when starting to work with a mule. As he begins, make sure to pay attention to the body language between the mule and Ty and how it is presented. He will start out with hooking on, and then move on from there.

  • Halter Driving A Mule

    The next step after establishing some groundwork is halter driving. Basically, I will be teaching him to move around me in a smooth circle at the end of the lead rope. He will be learning some respect, how to follow the lead rope, and how to follow a soft feel. This exercise is a huge part of the...

  • Ty Evans Intro

    Ty Evans shares his story.

  • Saddling A Mule

    Now it's time to put the saddle on. If you've done a decent job with desensitizing and halter driving, you should have no trouble with this. After getting the saddle on, make sure you incorporate the exercises you see Ty do in this video to make sure your mule/horse is comfortable with having the...

  • Lead By The Feet

    Another exercise that can really help your mule is leading by the feet. This will help if they ever get their feet caught up in a fence or some wire. This will teach them not to panic and will also teach them to give to a soft feel.

  • Lateral Flexion With A Mule

    The next thing that Ty likes to do to prepare his mules for a successful ride is to work on lateral flexion. You want them to be able to flex to the left and right smoothly. It's important to note that you do not want to force this. Simply fix it up, and let him find it.

  • Groundwork Basics | Ty Evans

    9 videos

    Groundwork is the most important step involved in the process of making a fine saddle mule. In this series, Ty Evans covers the basics of groundwork that he uses when starting colts or working with troubled mules. These exercises are critical elements of a mule's foundation, and you will learn th...

  • Mini Groundwork |1

    In this episode, I am going to walk you through the basic to advanced groundwork program. I will be demonstrating this by working with a 10 month old miniature horse named Desi, who is brand new to all of this. The main exercises that we will be working on are the stopping and leading exercises. ...

  • Lana Grieve Star Point Horsemanship

    This is an ad to show you all you can learn and achieve by learning with Lana Grieve at Star Point Horsemanship.

  • Leading A Miniature Horse

    In this video, I am going to show you how you would begin to teach your horse to lead. To demonstrate this, I will be using Eclipse, a young miniature horse.

  • Navigating Back-Thrus

    This is an intermediate-advanced maneuver. It's a move that most horses struggle with or they take a while to get through. It's commonly used at horse shows, and this particular sequence is something that you would see at the world and national shows.

  • Mini Groundwork |4

    The next step in the groundwork program is introducing Desi to the Forequarter control. Although this is basically the foundation of a pivot, she will not be doing a pivot today. She is, however, going to learn how to maneuver her shoulders by doing this. Part 4 of 4.

  • Mini Groundwork |3

    The next step in the Groundwork Program is Circle Collecting. Before we start that training, I am going to give Desi a refresh session of the previous exercises she learned. In the beginning, you will notice that she is quite energetic and back to her normal baby self. Part 3 of 4.

  • Mini Groundwork |2

    Now that she understands the stopping and leading exercises, we are going to start the hindquarter control training. As you watch, you will learn many tips that will help you to be successful when working on hindquarter control with your horse. Part 2 of 4.

  • Why Does My Horse Bite?

    In this video, you will not only learn why your horse bites but also how you can fix it. There are two reason why a horse bites and with a little work, it can be stopped.

  • Trailer Training a Mini

    In this episode, I am going to be doing a trailer demonstration with Fancy, a 2-year-old miniature horse. You will learn how to trouble shoot while trailering your horse, how to properly prepare them for the ride, and how to get them to jump in the trailer willingly and confidently.

  • Catch and Halter

    Catching and haltering a skiddish horse.

  • Leadership

    Carson James helps a horse owner become the leader her horse needs.

  • Mounting Issue/Improving Groundwork

    More groundwork with a horse that backs up when mounting.