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Do The Opposite | 2

The Principles Of Training • 21m

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  • Choose Where You Work and Rest | 1

    This principle is one of the foundations of Warwick’s training process. A horse is always looking for the place that they feel most comfortable. They have an uncanny ability to remember where they get rest and where they work. In this episode, Warwick will illustrate a typical dressage lesson and...

  • Choose Where You Work And Rest | 2

    Taking a deeper dive into the Choose Where You Work and Choose Where You Rest principle, Warwick addresses spooking and how it could be related to where your horse is attracted to versus repelled from. You will also see an example of a first ride in a big arena and why all of the reasons people s...

  • Perfecting The Basics

    In any sport or discipline, whether horse related or not, people at high levels of the sport know the importance of perfecting the basics. This is what the Donkey Kong principle is all about. When you perfect the basics, the hard stuff, the stuff that comes later on, is EASY! Starting over from t...