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Choose Where You Work And Rest | 2

The Principles Of Training • 20m

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  • Perfecting The Basics

    In any sport or discipline, whether horse related or not, people at high levels of the sport know the importance of perfecting the basics. This is what the Donkey Kong principle is all about. When you perfect the basics, the hard stuff, the stuff that comes later on, is EASY! Starting over from t...

  • They Need To Know The Answer

    This principle is similar to how we teach children to count before they add, and add before they multiply, because the answer to the current question lies in the previous teaching. Warwick walks you through examples with horses on the ground and in the saddle, as well as addressing how to use thi...

  • Application Of Your Aids

    Otherwise known as order of cues, this principle is very important in teaching a horse how to respond to subtlety. This is about teaching your horse something as opposed to just getting them to do something. If you are ever in doubt about the application of aids, just think about how a horse woul...